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To reduce waste and pollution, it is important that we move from a “Linear Economy” to a “Circular Economy”.

We throw away 99% of the things we buy within six months of purchase – with less than 1% of the materials being recovered!


This is a straight line from raw materials to trash – a Linear Economy.

In a Circular Economy, our natural resources are re-used over and over again, without ending up in waste dumps and oceans.

In South Africa, countless initiatives are taking the first steps. On this page, we interview the relevant people in this movement.

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If you hadn’t heard about the Circular Economy, now you have. And there's no doubt that you'll hear the term popping up more and more.

Everywhere in the world, people, companies, universities and governments are looking at ways to make the economy more “circular”.

If the economy behaves like a circle, it means that the waste that is generated, becomes new material for new products.

This means we need a new way of designing, producing, consuming and disposing of goods.

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So, what are we doing about all this in South Africa?
Well, a lot. In our blog, you learn all about it!


With short and clear interviews, we introduce you to the trending people and companies in the South African Circular Economy.

You’re invited to join the movement!

Beach Cleaning
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